Debate This…DQ vs Cold Stone…

Debate This is all about voicing your opinion on really important things, such as Pepsi Vs. Coke, Nike Vs. Converse, and Twinkies Vs. Ho-Hos. **smile** Okay, so maybe they’re not super important, but they’re at least fun things to jaw about. . . .

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Dairy Queen vs Cold Stone Creamery


I love my ice cream, for sure. It’s such a special treat when my sweet hubby takes me out for a cone. Usually to celebrate something or just to have some together time.

Now, I like both of these places, but I have my favorite…

What’s yours?

Debate this:

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Have you ever sat and reminisced about what was popular when you were a kid? Well…. “Then and Now” Thursdays is right up your alley.

frozen_yoghurtFrozen Yogurt came on the scene in the 80’s.

I totally remember it, too. Because my dad, being the marathon runner, had to have all that was healthy, right?

ice_cream_with_strawberries_01Oh, but you remember how ice cream used to just be strawberry, chocolate, vanilla?

I mean, what’s up with that, right? Then the choices started coming in like crazy.

Now, you can get custard, watch your choice ingredients get musched into your ice cream on a cold slab of stone.

gelatoOh, and we can’t forget Gelato now, can we?

Now, I think the greatest invention since sliced bread was Dairy Queen.

Anyone who follows my Twitter and Facebook, you’d see I often mention a quick trip to DQ.  🙂


What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?