Have you ever sat and reminisced about what was popular when you were a kid? Well…. “Then and Now” Thursdays is right up your alley.

frozen_yoghurtFrozen Yogurt came on the scene in the 80’s.

I totally remember it, too. Because my dad, being the marathon runner, had to have all that was healthy, right?

ice_cream_with_strawberries_01Oh, but you remember how ice cream used to just be strawberry, chocolate, vanilla?

I mean, what’s up with that, right? Then the choices started coming in like crazy.

Now, you can get custard, watch your choice ingredients get musched into your ice cream on a cold slab of stone.

gelatoOh, and we can’t forget Gelato now, can we?

Now, I think the greatest invention since sliced bread was Dairy Queen.

Anyone who follows my Twitter and Facebook, you’d see I often mention a quick trip to DQ.  🙂


What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?



  1. It’s a rare bowl of ice cream that isn’t delightful. For me it depends on my mood.

    Mint chocolate chip and cookie dough are always classics. There are always moods when the more chocolate the better is the ticket, and I had this one flavor one time that was butterfinger, and it had little butterfinger chunks with the creamy peanut buttery stuff swirled all in. It was AWESOME! 🙂

  2. Okay, now you had to mention ice cream!! I love any kind of ice cream – almost. Am not sure it’s a national brand but we have Breyers which is all natural ice cream. I love the mixed flavors like Rocky Road or Chocolate Truffle.

    We have a Dairy Queen in our small town and it is THE place to be in the summer. I had a fudge/nut waffle bowl sundae on Sunday. (Shhh, I’m on a diet.) My skinny sister has this awful habit of tempting me with “Let’s go get a Blizzard.” Sometimes I abstain – other times I don’t. Did you know that some blizzards are under 400 calories? 🙂

    I actually love frozen yogurt but this is NOT a health conscious town –we only got a Wal-Mart four years ago. No Starbucks here—LOL!

    I live about half a mile from a Tastee Freeze. We used to walk down there to play mini-golf and eat Big T Burgers—yum.

  3. Well, I’m a weirdo… As much as some good chocolate is always appreciated, I’m a huge sherbet and sorbet fan. Rainbow sherbet and raspberry sorbet are awesome! 🙂

  4. Snickers blizzard from DQ, or mint chocolate chip…mmmm…. Man, now I want some ice cream and it is only 815 in the morning. lol…

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