Catch the Rush in Tempe, AZ

This weekend is THE weekend!!

Months of running and training…and I still don’t look like this:

As a matter of fact. I look more like this:

But that’s okay, because I’m gonna have a BLAST at the Aflac Iron Girl 10-mile run Sunday. My BFF, Michele, is running the 5k race and gonna cheer me on as I attempt to finish–hopefully not last–the 10 mile run. Nothing like 2,000 chicks getting together and doing a little exercise. This’ll be the third year I do this run–it’s just so fun.

So, if you’re in the Tempe, AZ area Sunday, stop on by.

Friday Funnies

Hey guys. I’m back. I survived my first trip across the pond! Oh, it was a great time. I’m sure I’ll be bloggin’ and facebookin’ about it, pictures and all, but for now, I’m glad to be back.

Hope you had a GREAT week. . . this picture here left me smiling.



Happy Friday, everyone!

Friday Funnies

I’m not someone who ever gets lucky enough to find funny signs, or misspelled words in ads and stuff.

You know, like this:

HELL frozen over-

Yeah, I mean, someone probably just happened to drive by and notice the ice hanging from the sign and think, “OH, Hell has frozen over.” I mean, that’s funny, right?


Well, it FINALLY happened to me.

So, I was in Tucson this past weekend visiting my mom, and she took us out to eat at the Cow Palace. THAT name, in itself, is funny, but what we found printed on the bill was even funnier:

See where it says, "Planning a FARTY." Yep, it was a printer problem, but still pretty freaking hysterical!