Catch the Rush in Tempe, AZ

This weekend is THE weekend!!

Months of running and training…and I still don’t look like this:

As a matter of fact. I look more like this:

But that’s okay, because I’m gonna have a BLAST at the Aflac Iron Girl 10-mile run Sunday. My BFF, Michele, is running the 5k race and gonna cheer me on as I attempt to finish–hopefully not last–the 10 mile run. Nothing like 2,000 chicks getting together and doing a little exercise. This’ll be the third year I do this run–it’s just so fun.

So, if you’re in the Tempe, AZ area Sunday, stop on by.

14 thoughts on “Catch the Rush in Tempe, AZ

  1. Thanks for all your support, you guys!! The race went well! I ran 10 miles in 1 hour and 23 minutes. got 12th out of 151 people in my age group (35-40) and 69th out of 700-some in the entire race. It was a beautiful day, great weather, and great people running. Their logo was, “RACE WITH GRACE” and they all did. Such a supportive atmosphere.

    Thanks again you guys. You are the best!!!

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