Wasteland 3 is done and out to Super Editor!

***Happy Dance***

I have soooo enjoyed writing the Wasteland books. I still can’t believe they’re all contracted, one is OUT already, and the second will release in May. 

Heck, I’m still reeling from the THIRD PLACE FINISH at the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Awards!!!  CLICK HERE to see all the winners.

I can’t even begin to express my thanks to you all for your support of my debut novel…heck, my writing in general. We’ve seen some ups and downs on the journey, haven’t we?

And now, I’m planning my 2,500 LIKES giveaway…fine tuning the deets and it should go live on February 7th (along with another fun little announcement…but mum’s the word until Feb 7th so stay tuned)

There’s still time to get on the list for an AWAITED ARC in case you want to read it for early review. CLICK HERE to sign up. That’ll be up for only a few more days, then you’ll start hearing from my publicist  Smile

So, since I finished Wasteland 3 and sent it off to CMP, I was messing around on the net. Found a couple really funny pics, so I had to share:

Yep, the license plate says vampyre...LOL

 and ~~~

Have a SUPER DAY, everyone!


Friday Funnies

Have you heard of Tim Hawkins?

I mentioned him on this blog a long time ago after seeing him LIVE at our church. OH…. but he’s worth another mention today on Friday Funnies

Last week we hung out with some friends and watched one of his DVDs. Again I was near tears, laughing.

By far, this is his funniest skit:



What’d you think?

Happy Friday, everyone!

Friday Photos

I was goofin’ around on Photobucket the other day and found some funny pictures. They made me smile . ..


That traffic one really made me laugh. So much construction going on right now, I can totally relate to that sign.

Happy  Friday! Make it a great one.