• Meet Hank

    You meet “Pops” in Project Personality (Twin River High, #2). He’s Landon Watkins’s grandfather, and he’s a former Navy Seal. I just loved writing Pops into this story. He’s tough, honest, but you know where you stand with him. When it came to naming the character, someone I know and respect, who has served this country with honor for lots of years came to mind. Sure, the person who came to mind served in the Air Force, but that didn’t matter. I wanted to use his name in this book. So, meet the man behind the inspiration for Hank “Pops” Watkins. He and his wife, Judy, served with me for…

  • Gutter Girl is FREE for a limited time

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  • Who doesn’t like coffee?

    Kelly Anne and I are continuing to excitement of releasing the first three books in the TWIN RIVER HIGH series with another giveaway. Prize: Starbucks Gift Card! a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks to everyone who has been reading and reviewing the stories for us. We so appreciate you, and we’re so glad you’re enjoying this new series so much. Happy reading, my friends.  

  • It’s RELEASE DAY…again

    Three Mondays Three new books. Here you go!! ~~~ BOOK THREE: Corey Chaos, teen YouTube sensation, just needs a break from his hectic schedule. Ever since his musical talent was “discovered” by the right person at the right time, his life has been a steady stream of interviews, screaming fans, TV shows, screaming fans, Instagram lives, and did he mention the screaming fans? He’d give anything to be a normal teen again, even for five minutes. So, when his agent suggests staying at his pool house for a month to get away from the stress, Corey is on the next plane to snowy Twin River, Wisconsin. As soon as he…

  • Twin River High Tea

    If you haven’t heard already, there’s an Instagram account called Twin River High Tea, and it will have all the inside scoops as to what’s happening with the students at Twin River High. Be sure to follow so you don’t miss out on all the fun. CLICK HERE to find them on Insta. Don’t forget about our month-long giveaway we have going on to celebrate the release of the first three books of the Twin River High series! CLICK HERE to get to it. Happy reading, my friends!