EXILED releases June 13th, 2023, so this book signing will be your chance to get a signed print copy! Hope to see you there! ~Lynn

  • Violet Night is in Print

    Exciting news. The Violet Night Omnibus is in PRINT now. Until today it’s only been available on Kindle Unlimited (digital format), but for those of you who like those print copies, this massive book is now available on Amazon. And when I say massive… it’s just shy of 700 pages! CLICK HERE to grab your copy. And if you do, drop me an email with your proof of purchase and postal address, and I’ll send you a signed book plate! Happy reading, my friends!!    


    Ready to binge read on the KISS APP? The SURVIVORS SERIES is complete now, and you can binge-read about the three lead couples. Angelina and Hunter, Sarah and Drey, then Lizzie and Damon. Be ready for a roller coaster of emotions! CLICK HERE to head over to the KISS Romance App. Happy reading, my friends!  

  • CLIPPED (Winged #2) COVER

    Hello, my friends! If you’re one of my newsletter subscribers, you already saw this cover. But now… it’s out there for everyone to see. It’s also up on Goodreads if you want to add it to your TBR list. I’ll share the blurb some time after book one, CROSSED, releases (October 12, 2022) as to not spoil anything. Happy reading, my friends.  

  • Meet Hank

    You meet “Pops” in Project Personality (Twin River High, #2). He’s Landon Watkins’s grandfather, and he’s a former Navy Seal. I just loved writing Pops into this story. He’s tough, honest, but you know where you stand with him. When it came to naming the character, someone I know and respect, who has served this country with honor for lots of years came to mind. Sure, the person who came to mind served in the Air Force, but that didn’t matter. I wanted to use his name in this book. So, meet the man behind the inspiration for Hank “Pops” Watkins. He and his wife, Judy, served with me for…