Trivia time…

It’s Christmas music time, right? You’re not sick of it yet, are ya?  I’m starting to get into it now for sure.

So, let’s test your music trivia….

1.  What sang the duet with Bing Crosby in the 1976 LIttle Drummer Boy song?

2.  Who played drums for the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by Band Aid, a collection of British music pop stars?

3.  What popular 80s due sang Jingle Bell Rock?


Leave your guesses in the comments.

It’s about the music…

Music plays a big part of my writing. I love listening to certain songs over and over while writing. So, when it came to getting songs gathered up for Violet Midnight, I was excited. Some of these are pretty different but really paint the picture well.

Here’s the playlist from YouTube:



I’m super excited to have a book signing tomorrow where the special music is being provided by Colton Avery. He’s a really talented singer. If you’re in this neck of the woods, be sure to stop by. Details HERE


I found a new favorite song. I’d heard P!nk had a new album coming out, so when I saw @RachelFirasek’s post on Twitter that she was listening to P!nk I went out investigating….

And found THIS:

Now, personally, I find some of P!nk’s music…disturbing, in both a good and bad way. Most of my friends know that the F-word makes my ears bleed (LOL) and P!nk has been known to share the word in her songs…even titles of her songs.

But if I look past that and really read some of her lyrics. That girl has some seriously powerful songs. She really gets you thinking.

In TRY, I find these lyrics the most powerful.

Where there is a flame someone’s bound to get burned.

I’m sure you can interpret that a million different ways. But it struck me in this way….

Fire is passion. Passion not just for another person or love, but in throwing your heart and soul out there for all to see. That’s what it’s like with the books I write. Writing is a passion of mine and it’s a bit of my soul out there, vulnerable with each book that gets published.

I’ve gotten burned. I will continue to get burned. But like P!nk says in her next phrase:

But just because it burns, doesn’t mean you’re gonna die.

So true. Not everyone will like my characters, my writing style, my stories….but that’s okay. I can’t not write. So, if you’re venturing out, doing something you love and you get a bit scared.

Don’t. You’ll possibly get burned, but you won’t die.

You got to get up and try, try, try!!!


What songs are rocking your world right now?