A peek into my crazy mind…#TheRunningWriter


Yep. There’s a look into my scary mind.

And no, it’s not scary that I get up at 4am to run. It’s scary that I need an alarm to remember to get into the shower.


I seriously lose hours when I’m writing. My characters keep chatting, changing directions, or just flat out talking up a storm. I legit forget to do things.

That’s why I have to set alarms. My hubby jokes that I need to set one to remember to breathe.

It’s not quite that chaotic in my head.


What are your little tricks to staying on task–and on time?

#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Plan a prison break.


I’ve heard people say, “Well, that’s just how I am, deal with it.”

First of all, if you’re mentally or physically abusive to people/loved ones and we’re supposed to just accept that’s how you are—yeah no.

Second, are you a prisoner to your flaws? We all have flaws, but they don’t have to own us. We all have pasts, too, but they don’t have to own us either.

What’s happened to us in our life can either imprison us or influence us. We could have had a rough upbringing filled with violence and neglect, but we don’t have to continue that behavior and lifestyle.

We aren’t a prisoner to that way of life.

No. We are strong. We have opportunities to be better. But we sometimes have to work for it. Find ways out of our prisons. Ask for help. But don’t we owe it to ourselves and those we love to break free of those bonds?

Yes! Plan a prison break!