Old School Game Shows Week–Funnies

Will Ferrell is sooo funny:


How ’bout these game show funnies….All I can say is: OH. MY. GOSH!

Can’t forget The Running Man….remember that game show?


I think I’ll pass trying out for THAT game show.

Question for you:  Have any of you ever tried out to be on a game show? DO TELL. I’ve always wanted to hear how that worked. My fantasy show to try out for is Wheel of Fortune! Yours?

Top Five Funnies. . .

And number one is. . . . .


You can’t be surprised…he’s freaking hilarious.

And of course I had to pick a skit from the cheerleaders. LOL!



So, he rocked it in Saturday Night Live, but his funniest movie, by far, is ELF! Here are a few clips to make you giggle. What better way to start out Friday than with a little giggle, right?

The Burp….


The Star. . .


The Trailer:



Son of a Nutcracker! Love that saying.

So….what would have been your number one choice of funny people from SNL?


Friday Funnies

I’m a big fan of laughing.

It just makes things fun when there’s a lot out there trying to drag ya down.

The movie ELF has me giggling until I cry every time I watch it.

So, I thought I’d spread the laughter. . . Enjoy your Friday.


“Did you hear that?”



“I got it.”



“Fruit Spray”



“Son of a Nutcracker.”



Elf is one of my favorite comedies. I’m usually someone who likes to watch action-packed supernatural or sci-fi movies…but every once in a while…

Anyway, this part cracks me up every time I see it. I know, it’s sick, but it’s hilarious. This past weekend, while at the Kelly Mortimer Writing Conference, my friend, Lori and I fell into a laughing fit about this part.

Seriously, for some sick reason, we couldn’t stop laughing. Ever get that? Like, in church, when you get the giggles and you know you need to shut up.

Well, all our fellow roomies were trying to sleep. I thought my bunk mate was gonna kick the bed above her and bounce me right onto the floor (just kidding, she never would…but you get my drift.)


***Have you ever had a laughing fit that you couldn’t stop? Do tell.***