It’s been a blast writing Trinity’s story for Radish Fiction.

It starts with WINGED:

She had to lose her memory to find her soul…
Pushed through a splice between two realms, Trinity Dawkins lands in the middle of a busy Minnesota street, literally. The trauma has left her blind and amnesia-stricken, but she soon finds sanctuary in the able arms of struggling artist, Jayden Brown.

He seems to almost enjoy, her quirky behavior, voracious appetite, and her incessant curiosity of common things like cars, French fries and cell phones.

But that tolerance is tested when wings unexpectedly burst from her back. To complicate things, the enemies she fled from make their way to earth. Trinity and Jayden are thrown into a battle bound by rules that they don’t understand and may not survive.


If you don’t know about Radish yet, you should try it out. It’s an app on your phone, and you get to read a chapter at a time. How could get any better, right?

Happy reading, my friends!

SINGED (Winged Trilogy #3)

The final book in the Winged Trilogy, SINGED, is ready! We’ll start releasing chapters over at RADISH FICTION soon.

Here’s a look at the image for the third story:


Thank you, Sizzling PR, for an amazing image. They’ve done ALL the images for this trilogy. Brynna, you’re so talented!

So come on over to Radish and follow me to get updates each time a chapter is uploaded.

I’m seeing angels…

I’m a sucker for angels.

Well, mostly the wings. There’s just something about wings. What is it? Maybe the freedom they give, or I would imagine they give.

I’ve penned a few novels featuring winged characters, and I loved writing them. One of my faves is Trinity from WINGED. That book isn’t contracted for publication or anything, but I sure had fun writing her.

Winged just went through a beta read so I’ve got some rewriting to do to strengthen the story, but I’m stoked to get back into her story! And even if Trinity never sees the light of publication, that’s okay…I’m glad I wrote her story (and her sequel–CLIPPED.)

One of my other faves with wings is from Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld Series. She has this character Aeron, and the book’s called The Darkest Passion. Gena’s a great writer, and I love how she captured Aeron. Such passion and beauty and wrath all rolled up into an amazing story.

For movies. . . .even though Legion so was NOT a good movie in my opinion, I loved how they showed the wings. It was what convinced me to watch the movie to tell you the truth.

Sucker, I know.

Do you have any favorite winged characters? Either from books or movies?