The Crash

The Crash.

As you know, I do a lot of road biking. I do it for a few reasons. First, it keeps me healthy and fit. Second, I get to spend time with my sweet hubby. Third, I get to hash out lots of plot ideas for the novels I write.

Helmet 1So, you can imagine my frustration when I crashed just over a week ago and was sidelined for a week. Conveniently I managed to crash after we’d just passed a fire station, so the rescue squad was there immediately and took excellent care of me. They’ve come to my rescue several times over the last decade, but that’s another post ☺

Helmet 2Anyway, I got banged up pretty good, but sympathy is not why I’m sharing this story and these pictures with you. My main reason is to get it out there that please, please, please wear your helmets when active. Skating, biking, skateboarding, anything. They can save you.

Helmet 3

I’m living proof! Unfortunately I’ve tested the limits of helmet effectiveness a few times.

While they saved me from major injuries each time, I still received concussions—so you can imagine what would have happened had I not been wearing one.

So, spread the word! Be safe out there.

8 thoughts on “The Crash

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  3. Glad you are safe and healing! Those pictures are powerful. And I was thinking like Doug… good lesson about wearing the helmet of salvation as well!

  4. Guilty as charged!

    My sister — a physical therapist who specializes in head injuries — is CONSTANTLY on my case about wearing a bike helmet when I go riding. I know I should, but I’m so darn stubborn.

    This post and the pictures you’ve put up are a good wake-up call for me. That could have been your skull. Thank goodness you were wearing a helmet.

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