HI everyone.  I just had to share this with you all.  I mean really, how great does this dog have it?

That’s my oldest dog, Herky.  He’s ten and he hangs with me for 9 hours a day while I work.  How awesome is that?  He’s just chillin’ under my desk and I couldn’t resist a picture.

My hubby and I got Herky during the second year of our marriage.  And both being graduates of the University of Iowa, we had to name him Herky after “Herky the Hawkeye” mascot.  I know, I know…you can laugh.  That’s ok.  

When I’m spending hours at work, or writing on my current novel, he cuddles up nearby and watches over me.  Such a sweetie.

5 thoughts on “THE LIFE OF A DOG

  1. Ohh, seeing his picture makes me miss all my dog sitting days with Herky way back in Normal IL…. 🙁 He was way more hyper back then though I assume.

  2. Awww!! Herky is so cute!!!! =)

    That is so awesome that you are able to spend time with him during your work day. I have a chihuahua named Sven and I would LOVE to be able to bring him to work while I’m actually working. He’s come to visit a few times but that’s about it. Sometimes I wonder if anyone would even realize he’s here. He’s quite small and usually rides around in a purse I have that’s a dog carrier. Forget about trying to get him to walk! =O)

    What a life! =)

    Thank you for sharing Herky! Give him kisses from me!

  3. Reading this makes me want to bring my Bruizer to work with me.

    I’m sure my boss and co-workers wouldn’t appreciate that, though.

    Oh well, I’ll have to just settle for his picture on my computer wallpaper.

  4. Oh yeah, he’s a lucky dog! I believe dogs are the big beneficiaries when it comes to people being able to work out of their homes. When the whole pack is together, they are the happiest. I like the blankie too – nice touch!

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