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This by far is my favorite theme. Then and now. Let’s see, I could choose from so many things it’s hard to limit. I enjoy sports, and my sweet Olivia says, “Well, duh, it’s because you’re a guy.”

Sometimes it’s so obvious that I am two hundred and eighty years older than she is. It definitely keeps thing interesting.

But, she’s right. I am very interested in sports. Sure, mine started with fencing at a young age, and in the 17 and 1800s sporting choices were very limited.

But in, 1901 when the New York Yankees became an organization, I was in heaven.

Babe_Ruth2Did I tell you I met Babe Ruth once?

Yes, he joined the team in 1920 and was with them until 1925.

I saw him after a game and shook his hand.

Babe Ruth1918 hittingHe pitched AND was a hitter (he played mostly outfield when he wasn’t pitching if I remember correctly.)

Don’t really see that these days anymore, do you?

No, mostly pitchers only pitch. And only a few innings per game, too. It’s so different.

So, does anyone know how much Babe Ruth made as a baseball player in a season? I had my fellow Guardian, Madison, search the web for me to find the answer. I couldn’t remember, but I thought it was $40,000.  She found something that said he’d made $80,000 in 1930.

Compared to Alex Rodriguez, who is now with NY Yankees, they are paying him $275,000,000.00 for the years: 2008-2018. That’s quite a change in salary, isn’t it?


What do you think of sports these days?


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