Are you a shopaholic when it comes to shoes?


Have you ever sat and reminisced about what was popular when you were a kid? Well…. “Then and Now” Thursdays is right up your alley.



Average cost of shoes was $15 (Click HERE for source.)

Does this remind anyone of the video Physical?  **LOL**

Does this remind anyone of the video Physical? **LOL**

I couldn't find a bigger picture of these. I had PINK ones.

I couldn't find a bigger picture of these.




Wow, check some of these pictures out. Some starting at $250 (just a wee bit more than $15 back in the 80’s, huh.)

YIKES, I'd break an ankle.

YIKES, I'd break an ankle.

Ok, these I could handle.

Ok, these I could handle.

Found most pictures on:


I remember I had a PINK pair of those high tops. They were the rage way back when. I was a tennies-wearin’ girl both then and now.  How ’bout you…then and now….?


7 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW THURSDAYS–Shoes

  1. Guess I’m totally ‘out of it’ where shoes are concerned. When I was really, really, really little–I had this cute little pair of white boots with a clown face on the top of the foot. (Actually, I still have them in a keepsake trunk.)

    When I was a little older, I loved having ballet shoes to wear around the house–the real expensive kind – but I wasn’t too particular about other times. We had to wear
    saddle shoes to school and I loved my Keds-plaid.

    Now I’m not a real shoe person–soft and comfortable is my motto and I never, ever do heels! I make it a principle never to own more than four pairs of shoes at a time. Although right now I have two dressy pairs, two lace up tennis type shoes, two cloth flats and three pairs of house slippers—too, too much –

  2. I’m not a very good shoe person these days. But back in my college days, I had shoes dyed to match every sweater in my sorority-girl closet. And I’m, like, soooo serious. … Lynn, I’m just back in the blogosphere, and just love the way your blog looks these days. Good stuff, girl!

  3. OMG, I am a loser. I never had those black scrunch boots 🙁 Yeah, but I had the tennies shown, you know those reebok ones? Remember the video Physical by Olivia Newton John? I totally had those. LOL.

    OH, but I had jelly shoes. Those were awesome! **smile**
    Gzusfreek: go on and on all you want. It’s fun to remember the “old” days, right?


  4. Did everyone have black scrunch boots? I’m not even a shoe person, and I had them. Mine were more Flashdance than Motley Crue, though.

    And, though I’m not a shoe person, I really like the knee-high no-heel boots that are out right now.

  5. Oh my gosh, gzusfreek — I had black scrunch boots with silver buckles in the Def Leppard days! LOL!

    When I was younger, I took my sister’s gray suede ankle boots. She took them back. She later gave them to me because she know how much I loved them.

    My other sister had a pair of magenta pumps I loved. She gave those to me, too.

    My oldest sister has teeny-tiny feet. (My seven-year-old has bigger feet than her.) So I never tried any of her shoes.

    My favorite shoes were two-tone gray canvas slip-ons. They were like tennis shoes but had absolutely no sole or arch support. They were probably the worst thing for my feet.

    And jelly shoes? I had those too.

  6. Oh man do I love shoes!
    Funny to think back on old pairs – it’s like reminiscing about old friends! . . . My favs:
    -VANS PINK WITH palm trees and a beach scene on them!
    (like my tattoo!) That was in the Quiot Riot phase.
    -BLACK SCRUNCH BOOTS three inch heels. In the Motley Crue days
    WHITE BOOTS WITH FRINGE hanging down the back. Bon Jovi days.
    KNEE HIGH BOOTS beige with no heel. In the Cinderella days.

    oh shoes and music . . . I love visiting Light of Truth!

    Sorry to go on an on LOL – good memories!

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