Throwback Thursday–Beauty and the Beast

Throwing you back to 1987 on today’s Throwback Thursday. 

Any of you guys watch Beauty and the Beast?

I did.

Yeah-yeah…I hear you laughing. But that’s okay, I can take it.  *grin*

Seems like Ron Perlman never really outgrew his affinity for playing monsters….

It only matters what’s on the inside, right?

28 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday–Beauty and the Beast

  1. Wow. This discussion is GREAT. I didn’t realize there was such a fan base, still. I’m glad you guys took the time to come over and comment! This is great.

    1. When I saw this I gave everyone on the group a heads up about it. We were discussing all of the comments and I said you would not know what hit you once we all started weighing in on this topic. We troll the internet for anything Beauty and the Beast. Just keepin the dream alive! So thank you Lynn for giving us another forum!

  2. Are you all aware that there is still a very huge fandom o line, for Beauty and the Beast, and that there is still an annual convention each July? This year it will be in Noew Orleans. Check out some of the many web sites!!!! Start with CABB Classic alliance of Beauty and the Beast

  3. Catherine and Vincent have been such inspiration in my life. Especially Catherine, her strength, courage and determination to face anything, no matter how hard. So many lives have been changed because of one TV show… like The Velveteen Rabbit, many have made Vincent and Catherine and their world real in their hearts. (I’m not talking about fanatisms, but rather, living what the show stands for… but, how to explain it)…
    One wee post detail though: Vincent was no monster! 😀
    Others beat me to saying how alive and well Beauty and the Beast fandom is, thanks!

  4. I love the Beauty and the Beast TV series, think it’s the best, most romantic fantasy series ever (with so much wasted potential because of it’s short duration – only 2 1/2 seasons). And I absolutely adore Vincent, I think he’s the sexiest “beast” ever, with such a sensual raspy voice; no one else could have played Vincent as perfectly as Ron Perlman. And love his truelove and soul-mate Catherine too; who also couldn’t have been better portrait by anyone other Linda Hamilton. And can’t get enough of their amazing love story, the one of a kind, deep-abiding love shared by Vincent and Catherine is truly epic and inspiring. I loved the 1st and 2nd seasons of the series before it was destroyed by Catherine’s distasteful elimination and the even more distasteful too soon introduction of a new “beauty” and potential love interest which most fans felt outraged with. But the story of Vincent and Catherine lives on, thanks to faithful fans and talented writers who had given us some wonderful fan fiction. Even after more than 20 years the BatB fandom, though small, continues as strong as ever, keeping the dream alive, with websites filled with fan fiction, music videos, art, and online discussions on Yahoo groups and episode discussions on Skype. I have attended two of the annual online gatherings called WFOL (Winterfest Online) and will be attending my 1st convention this year, taking place in New Orleans, LA in July, which I’m eagerly looking forward to. Long live Beauty and the Beast and Vincent and Catherine!

  5. Indeed, there’s an active fandom for this unmatched story. Discussion groups, episode watches, web sites that explore, expand and enhance the tale. The live and in-person convention this year in NOLA is the 20-somethingth and there’s a spectacular virtual festival too – Winterfest Online – attended by people all over the world. Google WFOL 2011 to visit.

  6. LOVE Beauty and the Beast more than words can say! Anyone who liked the show should check out The BBTV yahoo group and the Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast site. This is a fandom that is alive and well.

  7. There is still a lot of interest in the show with several fansites dedicated to it. I am involved in a yahoo group that has some very lively discussions about the characters even after all of the years. There is also a yearly convention and this year it will take place in New Orleans.

  8. I think every red-blooded American girl who watched Beauty and the Beast was in love with Vincent. 😀 I know I was! Loved, loved, LOVED the show – until they killed Catherine off. Not cool!!!

  9. I never watched Beauty and the Beast, but I’m a HUGE fan of Linda Hamilton, especially in Terminator 2. Man, she was my HERO in that flick. I wanted to be just like her – so tough, so vulnerable, wild mama bear. And muscles to die for. I think I may have had a secret girl crush on her. 🙂

    And Ron Perlman as Hellboy is totally awesome too! Love his nonchalant attitude and the cigars. Hahahaha!

    1. Ok. Kendall, I know we’re sisters separated at birth or something, because Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 is my FAVE! Oh my word. She is freaking awesome in that movie. Sure, mostly cuz of how much she buffed up and got all strong, but that tortured soul….YEP, that’s what got me.

  10. After dating football players, professional hockey players, amongst others that shall not be named I married an amazing intellectual. 🙂 I mean, smartest guy I’ve ever met. It doesn’t hurt that he is built like a football player. 🙂 That wasn’t what attracted me to him though.

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