Throwback Thursdays: Frostbite Week

Hi. Amanda here again.

Okay, so I asked Lynn what “Throwback Thursdays” was. She told me she got the idea for the name from her good friend KM Wilsher so I checked out her blog, and it was wicked cool.

Lynn said Throwback Thursdays is for talking about something from when I was younger.

Yeah, well, sorry guys, I’m only seventeen as it is. I’ve pretty much been running from The Coats for the last five years, after they killed my mom and dad. So, I’m not one who would be good to talk about the past, I might freeze a body part by mistake or something.

Controlling my powers when I’m upset, excited, happy or any combination of emotions, gets a little difficult. Ask Zach, he knows. **wink**

So, I’ve decided to have another music day. It’s a passion of mine so since I’m runnin’ the show this week, that’s what I’m doin’.

Now, I like all kinds of different music, so don’t hold it against Lynn if you’re not liking the artist I picked. She’s a little edgy, but man, she can sing.

Funhouse, by Pink.

She’s got a killer voice and even more lethal are her lyrics. Yeah, some I cringe a little, like in Stupid Girls (Okay, I like the lyrics, but the video is a little edgy), but she’s really challenging us to be our own person in that song.

Funhouse? Yeah, not so sure about the “meaning” of that one, other than it’s got a wicked-cool hook. The music is fun and it gets me pumped.




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