500th Post

So, I hear we’re supposed to celebrate when we hit 500 posts on a blog.

Is that true?

Well, I guess missed it.

This past week I hit 500 posts and didn’t even realize it until I started doing my posts for this week.

I must have been too busy celebrating all the other things recently, huh?  1000 followers on the blog, all the excitement of getting an agent and my first publishing contract.

So, I guess I’ll celebrate now. . .

It’s been a fantastic ride this whole blog thing. You know? Light of Truth hasn’t even been around a full year and a half yet and I can’t believe it’s gone this far and I’ve had this much fun with it.

You all are great to hang with, though.

Having fun with the music on Musical Mondays, then, reliving the good ole days on Throwback Thursdays, and laughing until we cry on the Friday Funnies.

It’s been fun.

Thanks so much for sharing this journey with me. Be sure to stick around, though,  because I think we’re just getting started. . .


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