And The Winner Is…

Hey, everyone, Emma here. I figured since I was the one who snuck the giveaway onto the blog while Lynn was away at RomCon I’d come back to announce the winner!

That Rafflecopter is a pretty slick deal there. I just told it to “pick a winner” and it did:

Tammy S

Congrats! You have 72 hours to email Lynn to claim your prize:  LynnRush (at)

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Be sure to come follow me on TWITTER and FACEBOOK in case I sneak in a few more giveaways on my own because that was fun!

Oh, and a little hint….I’m probably going to be hijacking the blog again in July while Lynn’s busy riding her bike across Iowa! So, stay tuned. You might want to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on the details….

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