Christmas Music Countdown

This week we’re counting down the top five Christmas songs. Okay, maybe not THE top five, but MY top five favorite Christmas songs.

Today is Number Five:

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), by Mariah Carey


Sorry, Sony wouldn’t let me post the video here. Just click the play button & you can watch it on You Tube if you want



I love her voice. She’s one of my all-time favorite singers.

So what Christmas songs are you listening to these days?


13 thoughts on “Christmas Music Countdown

  1. Since I put Christmas music on in the gift shop at the zoo and it plays all day, when I get home I’m ready for something different… so I’ve been listening to Thousand Foot Krutch. πŸ™‚ Call me crazy. Happy Monday, friend!

  2. I’m not a big Mariah Carey fan, but she does have one Christmas song I love. Not sure if I have the title right, but it’s something like “All I Want for Christmas is You”? I do like that song a lot. It always makes me think of the movie Love, Actually.

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