Cinema Sound Off … RED


My good friend, KM Wilsher, and I are heading out to Harkins Theatres each month to watch a choice movie.

We’ll let you know if it’s worth you spending your hard-earned money or not.

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Now…onto the movie.


This week we opted to watch a DVD, and we chose RED.

Synopsis from IMDB:

Frank (Bruce Willis) is retired, bored and lonely living off his government pension in a nondescript suburb in an equally nondescript house. The only joy in Frank’s life are his calls to the government pension processing center when he gets to talk to his case worker Sarah (Mary-Louis Parker). Sarah is as bored and lonely as Frank and marks her conversations with the unknown Frank and her spy novels as the only things fun in her life. When something in Frank’s past forces Frank back into his old line of work and puts an unwitting Sarah in the middle of the intrigue, Frank and Sarah begin a journey into Franks past and the people he used to work with. Like Frank they are all RED … Retired Extremely Dangerous

My review:

Well…although the special effects were good, and there was a lot of kick butt action, which I usually am quite a sucker for, this movie flopped for me.

The characters seemed over the top weird. Bruce Willis did a good job. Stoic, flat affect…I totally bought that he was bored. But gosh I couldn’t stand the character, Sarah. I literally wanted plug my ears and sing La-La-La-La-La so I couldn’t hear her talk.

Okay, that was overly dramatic. Sorry.

I just couldn’t connect with this movie. It wasn’t horrible, just not one I plan on buying or ever watching again.

My Rating:

2 tickets — See it, but by yourself on dvd


Did you see it? What’d you think?


Now, hop on over to KM Wilsher‘s blog and check out her perspective.


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