Debate this…Burger King vs. McDonald’s

Debate This is all about voicing your opinion on really important things, such as Pepsi Vs. Coke, Nike Vs. Converse, and Twinkes Vs. Ho-Hos. **smile** Okay, so maybe they’re not super important, but they’re at least fun things to jaw about. . . .

And today’s debate is. . . . .

Burger King Vs. McDonald’s

So, are you a fan of the King or Ronald? The Whopper? Big Mac? Which is your favorite? Why?

Be sure to cast your vote. I’ll share the results later. . . .

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20 thoughts on “Debate this…Burger King vs. McDonald’s

  1. Burger King! I don’t particularly care for McDonald’s and have never liked their fries. They have no taste IMO.

    The best fast food fries in the world are Wendy’s new Natural Cut Fries with sea salt. Fast food fry perfection!

  2. I haven’t had either in a long time since I’ve cut out the fast food, but it always depended on what I was in the mood for. If it was a burger, it had to be Burger King. If I wanted chicken though, it had to be Micky D’s. Although Micky D’s has the best fries ever!

  3. After changing the way I eat to lose 70 lbs. a couple years ago, I just can’t go fast food. Maybe Arby’s or Taco Bell, but that’s on a limited basis. If I had to choose, McD’s. I was a chicken nugget girl. Have a great day!

  4. I love fast food. LOVE it. I voted McDonalds because of their Bic Mac. Such greasy perfection!
    I’ll admit that the BK burgers taste a little better, and the meat patties are thicker. So why did I pick McDonalds? I don’t know. Their sauce? Their flattened little patties? Still don’t know. I just love biting into a Big Mac.
    My hubby likes BK better.

  5. I’m not a fast food kind of gal, but my mother prefers BK burgers over MacDonalds. BK charbroils their burgers so they have a little more flavor. We don’t have many BK’s in Charlotte, but MacDonalds are ubiquitous. Happy Monday, Lynn!

  6. I’m not a huge fast food fan, but with three boys in the house it can be a motivator. The two little ones beg for Happy Meals all the time. 🙂 Of course, we might get a Happy Meal once a month, so it’s always a treat.

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