Electronical . . . Huh?

So, me and Charlie, my sweet hubby, were sitting around Saturday night talking and watching some TV.

I’d just gotten home from working at the bookstore at my church. He’d surprised me by setting up my little bookshelf/sitting area (see the picture on the side.)

See, I’ve wanted a little bookcase for a while, so, it was cool to come home and have one all set up for me.

I have the sweetest hubby ever.

But you might be wondering what this has to do with the title…Electronical…

Yeah, well, you all know I’m a writer, right? If not, well, now you do. I’m a writer.

I like words, right? I mean, Boggle is one of my favorite games!

Heck, I’ve written, like, thirteen novels, I should be somewhat good with words right?

Okay, maybe written words, but not spoken.


I get my tords wisted all the time!


Did you catch that? Tords Wisted….Words Twisted….

Anyway. We were sitting around talking about me putting things together, like bookcases, and navigating the TV remotes and junk like that.

So, I said,  “Yeah, I’m not good at all that electronical stuff.”

Charlie’s lips curl up into a half smile. “Electronical, huh?”

I look at him. “Yeah?”

His smile morphs into a laugh, and that’s when it dawns on me.

“Oh. Electronics, electrical, whatever, you know what I mean.”


What are some of the funny words you’ve made up by accident? Or, on purpose, too, I guess. LOL


8 thoughts on “Electronical . . . Huh?

  1. Thanks for stoppin’ by, everyone. Wow, there are some great words being made up, huh?

    Anyone ever hear of this one? “The whole fam damily?” My Father in Law said that once and I about busted a gut laughing so hard. I’ve heard it a few times after that. But oh, man, was that funny!

  2. Although I can’t think of an example off the top of my head, My Daniel is the creative one with words. He comes up with “new” words and unintentionally twists phrases all the time, and then they’re incorporated into “new” jingles or catch phrases. Yea, we have fun at our house. 🙂
    Oh, here’s one – Liar, liar, pumpkin eater.
    Don’t ask me. But we laughed. A lot.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Well, in one of my novels, I wanted to use “incohesive.” One would think it means the opposite of “cohesive.” Apparently not :P. That’s one’s not funny, though. Hm.

    Ok….this isn’t exactly the same, but as I’m sitting here trying to think of a *funny* word I’ve “made up” by accident, my son says in reference to my daughter’s mp3 player that won’t seem to hold a charge, “I think the battery is corrupted!”

    What timing :).

  4. Grammical. After I finished my first round on my WIP I told my husband that I was finished writing and that all I need to do now was fix my ‘grammical’ errors. To that he laughed until he cried and asked ‘are you sure you’re a writer?’ Uh, yeah that’s why I get to make up words.

  5. Love the bookshelf and sitting area. My little brother called our carport a porcart and we all followed. Words are just great – and great words, well thats what YOU do!

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