Four Word Interview

Hi, Emma Martin here again.

You might be wondering what I mean by the four word interview. So, since I’m in charge of the blog this week, I wanted to interview Lynn to find out more about her.

I mean, if you think about it, she knows pretty much EVERYTHING about me, since she wrote me, right? But what do I know about her?

Nada. Well, not completely nothing. I do skim Facebook and Twitter a bit to see she’s an exercising-writing-bookstore-working fanatic. . . but other than that….

So, I dreamed up the four word interview. I ask her four questions that are only four words long, and she can answer with up to four words.

She said she’d rather ask ME the questions I dreamed up for HER. . . .

No use arguing with the woman who wrote my stories, right? So, here are the question I was going to ask Lynn…instead, she asked them of me:

Lynn Rush: Favorite time of day….

Emma Martin: Just before dawn.


LR:   Fondest childhood memory is . . .

EM:   Hugs from my dad


LR:   Favorite food to eat . . .

EM:   *rolls eyes*  Don’t eat, remember?


LR:  If granted one wish. . .

EM:  UGH (wait—does that count as a word?) *Lynn nods*  Somewhat normal life.


Okay, that was really hard. Especially the food one. I don’t need to eat, drink, or sleep, so that was a silly question for me. But then again, I HAD written those questions to ask a HUMAN…..

Hey, I’m curious, what would you guys answer to some of those questions?? Let me know in the comments, k?


9 thoughts on “Four Word Interview

  1. This kind of reminds me of an exercise I participated in on The Naked Hero. We had to describe our lives in 6 words. Was way cool. Okay, gonna give it a shot.

    I enjoy early mornings
    Singing with my grandfather.
    Loooove beef and broccoli
    To pamper my family.

    • Danica–SWEET, I love early mornings, too. BROCCOLI? Really? Are you mad? Just kidding. Back when I was still human and needed to eat…I hated broccoli. . . I can relate to the idea of wanting to pamper the family! Love that!

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