Interpretation is key #TheRunningWriter

Interpretation is key.


If you stop and think about it, most arguments stem from misinterpretation.

I looked up the definition: A conception of another’s behavior

One party understands or internalizes what they see or experience.

It happens all the time. Even with my husband of 22 years. He can do or not do something and I try to interpret what he meant by it.

And if I’m not in the healthiest frame of mind, those interpretations can get a little iffy.

Thank God for the Reality Check.

I use this a lot, because I know my mind can wander. I’m an author who loves creating fantasy worlds and characters, so you can imagine what kind of off the wall things I can think up.

The reality check is key, because it allows you to find out what someone really meant by what they said or did.

It’s pretty basic, too, and looks a little like this:

“So, I just wanted to check something out. When you didn’t show up for our lunch date yesterday, was that a blow off to me?”

It’s super important in marriage, too, because when you are so very close to someone, misinterpretations can happen on the littlest things.

Let’s use an example of money since that’s often point of contention.

“So, when you told me I didn’t need to get another pair of shoes, this is what I heard: quit spending so much of our money on stupid stuff.”

Now this is an extreme example, but consider it.

Any time you’re upset about what someone close to said, please reality check it. More times than not, how you interpreted it is not what they meant.

If you let things fester, it’ll build up inside you and you might do or say something you can’t take back. And all because of a misinterpretation.

Stay strong my friends.

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