Ironman Arizona

So…I’m an IronMATE (check out that picture). How fun. Charlie brought this home after he’d gotten his race stuff picked up.

I was so excited to wear that at the Ironman event.

It fits in with my writing when it comes to mates and things. I talk about that a lot in the stories I write.

And it’s true, Charlie’s my fated mate, so it was fitting.

We had SUCH A blast at the all day event.

Swimming 2.4 miles

Biking 112 miles

Running 26.2

I can only say one thing:

Thank GOD it wasn’t me doing it.

Charlie did great.

He finished in 10 hours and 39 minutes which landed him 37th in his age group (out of 400) and 237 overall (2600 entrants)

He trained so hard for the last 10 months. So I’m glad he did better than he’d expected!

Here are some pictures.

This event was for you, Lynn Boeyink (2/2/48-10/24/11)


Chaos of a mass start


Coming out of the water into transition


Transition from swim to bike area


Biking out of transition


On the bike. 112 miles, can you FREAKING believe that?


Me & RG hanging out between bike laps.


The two dads!!! My dad and Charlie's


Coming out of the bike transition to start the run


THE RUN....26.2 miles, how is he still smiling??? LOL


FINISHED!!!! Charlie and RG


Celebration Dessert at Arrowhead Grill




Thanks for sharing this with me.

All your thoughts and prayers poured out on Facebook was AWESOME!!!!

So proud of you, Char, my IronMATE!

24 thoughts on “Ironman Arizona

  1. Haha, you had me going, thinking you did it, too. I sat here reading this in awe, then had to smile when you said you were a spectator. Wow, your hubby is in excellent shape and coming in 37th out of 400 is great! I’m surprised he felt up to going for dessert afterward. He truly must be made of iron!

  2. This is so incredible! I can’t imagine that kind of stamina. There is an alternative universe in which I might be able to do a triathalon (the biking is the piece of it that would be hardest, as the other two I’ve done and know I could train for), but an Iron Man? No freaking way. I can’t imagine. Congrats to him!

    1. I hear ya, Hart. But here’s the thing. Now I HAVE to do a little triathlon (like a small sprint one) because we had this bet. If he did the FULL I would try a little sprint one. UGH! I so hate swimming. LOL

  3. So the math person in me jumps in and says, “37th out of 237, and 237 out of 2600, is the TOP TEN PERCENT.” That is awesome! You should both be VERY proud!

  4. WOW! This is definitely an accomplishment not many people could achieve! Amazing- and with a smile on his face in every picture! How special! Pass in a congratulations for me! πŸ™‚

  5. Ironmate,
    Your IRONMAN may have finished 37th in his age group and 237th over all but I am absolutley positive he finished NUMBER 1 with you, both fathers and his mom

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