Is it time yet?

Okay, so, are you one who decorates for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving? Or have your lights been up since October?


Do you opt out on the whole holiday decorating thing?

I’m somewhere in the middle….

We don’t do much outside. I mean, nothing even close to THIS:


But I put a little wreath on the front door.

Does that count?

We have a little tree we put some lights on and a few decorations throughout the house, but that’s about it. How ’bout you guys?


15 thoughts on “Is it time yet?

  1. I have started by putting lights out on the deck. I am putting up my tree this year. I started before Thanksgiving only cause we had a real nice day here. I will finish today and Monday afternoon! πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been there with rfirasek – just the no one helps when it’s time to put it all away; I didn’t leave it up that long. But I know it’s pretty much up to me and am hesitating this year. But I would miss seeing my ornaments and having the lights of the tree. I think they bring the family together, though fleetingly as the kids age into their upper teens and are more realistic ( jaded?) about gifts.

    Thanks for putting the question out there for me to think on, Lynn!

    • Hey, Laurel! How are ya??? Yeah…I’m not one to leave things up long that’s for sure. The couple of days after Christmas the tree is down and house back to normal. πŸ™‚ You’re right on the ornaments, though. It’s fun remembering some. My hubby and I have been married fifteen years and when I see the “our first christmas” ornaments, it just makes me smile!!! This year there is one that will bring tears of sadness, though. In rememberance of Lynn Boeyink. That one is going to sting, but I’ll enjoy the wonderful memories of her as well!

  3. We won’t be home for the holidays, so if we do anything, it will be very small-scale. Maybe just a tree, our stockings (my grandmother handmade stockings for me and all the kids–that’s a tradition in its own right), and some wreaths on doors. I love all the beauty of the holidays, but I’m too busy to do anything about it! Ha!

  4. Don’t laugh, but I’m hesitant to put up the tree this year. The last one we had up took me a year and half to take down. Part of it was out of spite. lol. I told the hubs and kids I’d put it up if they’d take it down (I was in revisions) and they didn’t. So, I just left it up and then….well, there’s no good excuse, but we’re all debating about the tree this year. lol.

  5. When I had an apartment with a picture window facing foot traffic, I used to put up lights and cut out designs related to the holiday. My current apartment is in the basement, no obvious windows to traffic, so my decorating is minimal. Last year my sister Linda put artificial pine branches across the top of her entertainment center. I think they’re still there. LOL!

    I have a few things I can put up for the holidays, but I’m not going whole hog.

    ~ VT

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