So, did you all think I’d run out of things to post?  Not a chance.  I don’t think five days is enough…but hey, it’ll work for now, right?

Charlie’s folks have been married for over 40 years.  Holy moly.  Can you imagine?  Some of us, yes.  A lot of us, no.   Heck, there may be a few out there that are 100% against marriage.  Believe it or not, I used to not really believe in marriage, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog topic, right?

Anyway, I talked with my hubby’s mom about their marriage asking how they weathered the 41 years they’ve been married.  She told me I could quote her, so here goes:

“We are celebrating our 41st anniversary today on Aug. 4.  We were married at ages 19 and 20.  The keys to our (and all, in my opinion) marriage first is our faith in Jesus Christ.  We were not believers until many years into our marriage, but God had a plan for us that we didn’t even know about.  Commitment to staying together through many very difficult times has helped us prevail. Honesty in communication is a must – no secrets!  And lastly, compromising in decisionmaking as much as possible, but ultimately, my husband has the final say.  The “master of surprises” asked me to marry him all over again last year and our children conducted the ceremony in the mountains of Colorado. Unbelievable!”

Wow, straight from someone who’s marriage is still thriving after 40 years.  Its just amazing what God can do if you allow Him to drive the car, huh?

God Bless every one of you, I’m off to celebrate!!!


1 thought on “MARRIAGE ROCKS, part 5

  1. I’m in agreement with everything there — especially committment part.

    I think too often people give up when they think see the road in front of them getting rocky and uncertain. I was tempted myself when my husband’s alcoholism and depression began getting too intense to handle.

    But I made a promise to him and to God in sickness and in health to stick by him. With the help and by the grace of God, he’s now two years sober (YEA!) and has his bipolar disorder under control. Not only is our marriage stronger than ever, our daughters are growing up with a strong example of what “through thick and thin” really means.

    Thanks for a great week of posts Sheri!

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