Masks #TheRunningWriter

Masks are fun for Halloween. They allow you to be whoever, or whatever, you want to be for a night.

But if you try to keep the masks on year round, day in and day out, you’ll tire out. Because when you’re trying to be anyone except yourself, you can’t win.

Remembering who sees what, when to be who, and hoping no one will catch you in the different masks keeps you lonely, isolated, and tired.

Just be yourself.

Not everyone will like you, but that’s ok. Those who like the real you are who you need in your life.

Those who allow you to be your real self are the people you want around. Those are the people who love you even when you screw up.

Because you will screw up. We all do. Those who hang with us through it all are the real friends.

Take off the masks, my friends, and be you!

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