Musical Monday




This video just makes me smile. Taylor Swift is a pretty good singer, huh?

I had this song playing a BUNCH while writing Charged and Absolute Zero (sequel to Frostbite).

Do you have any favorite songs that inspire you while you write? Which ones? Do you get more inspired by the words? Or the music?

I love the words, actually. Sure, the music has to be a little catchy as well, but if the words inspire me, that really gets me in the writing mood.

2 thoughts on “Musical Monday

  1. Taylor Swift is so sweet. I hope she stays sweet. I knew this song, but hadn’t seen the video. What a cute story. I write to music, but it has to be wordless or I will sing along instead of write. 🙂 But before I write I listen to lyrics and they inspire me. Pretty much anything will do. I LOVE music. Thanks for sharing, Lynn! Enjoyed it! Have a great Monday!

  2. I wish I could listen to music while I write :(. But honestly, it becomes a big distraction. I need total quiet to write and really get in the zone. I have these earphones my husband bought for wearing on the airplane when he travels–they’re designed to block outside sound while you listen to your music/movie/whatever. I put them on with nothing playing to block out the little noises around the house while I write. It makes a good visual for the family, too–“Mom’s got the headphones on, so leave her alone, she must be writing.” 🙂

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