Musical Monday

Emma Martin here. I convinced Lynn to let me host the blog this week, and it’s going to be so great!

Some might be wondering why I wanted to host the blog this week so badly. Well, two reasons. One, she’s never let me host it before! And second, Lynn signed a contract with Hearts on Fire Press to publish my story. Yep, Violet Midnight is going to be published.

What better way to celebrate than to have me, the main character, host, right?

So, I hear Monday is all about music. That’s cool with me, because I’ve got the BEST song.

Okay, so I was, like, 15, back in 2003 and this song was awesome back then. Check it out:

Miss Independent, by Kelly Clarkson




I know what you’re thinking–well, I don’t actually have that power–but if I get a good look into your eyes, I could make you believe it’s your favorite song. You know?

But anyway, you’re probably thinking, “Jeez, enough American Idol?” You’re getting overdosed on that right now with the start of a new season, but hey, the song fits me so I have to go with it. And Kelly Clarkson still rocks! That girl can sing.

Hope you like. Remember, stay tuned this week . . . I might even share a little bit about my sweetheart, Jake, if Lynn let’s me. She keeps telling me I can’t say too much and give my story away. 🙂


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