My Journey

HI, Emma Martin here again. Thanks for letting me hang with you this week. I know Lynn usually does her, This Writer’s Journey, segment here, but since I’m hosting the blog this week, I thought I’d mention someone special.

You might guess I’m gonna mention my sweetheart, Jake, here, but I’m not.

No offense, honey, but I talk about you a lot as it is. I got to give props to my roomie and best friend, Ava.

Thankfully she doesn’t blog and isn’t known to surf them much, because if she read this, she’d FREAK! She doesn’t know I’m a Hunter and have all these weird, freaky powers. I kinda have to hide it, cuz I’m not sure how she’d react. Plus, I just want to keep her safe. Bad enough I’ve let her this close to me, considering the Vamp company I keep. But she’s hard to resist.

Of course, if she did stumble on this blog post, I’d just do a mind-wipe on her and she wouldn’t remember. I’ve had to do that a few times when she caught me in the middle of a monster Vamp fight back behind the recreation center on campus.

Despite having to hide my mega secret from her, she knows almost everything about me. We’re pretty different, but it works. I mean, she’ll pretty much date whoever, whenever, no regrets, but me, no way. She’s tried to set me up so many times, but after I lost Gabriel (he was my first love) to a Vamp attack a few years ago, I didn’t dare try the whole love thing again.

Until Jake. . . .

But back to Ava. She’s a sweet, feisty, short blonde who always has my back. Super supportive and really funny. Behind her surly attitude, she’s really loyal, and smart, although she doesn’t like people to know she gets almost straight As and Bs.

Her cure for any problem–spending a day at the spa getting manicures and facials.

Like I said, we’re different. But I love her and she inspires me daily with her optimism and humor.

I really hope some day I’ll get to tell Ava all about me and that she doesn’t freak, but until then . . . I’m just glad she’s in my life.


Who is someone special in your life?


6 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. I’m blessed with several sister-like friends, which is nice since I have no sisters of my own. Only problem, they’re strewn across the country in all the places I USED to live. Grrrrr… 🙂 Miss you, my friend! Happy Weekend.

    • Hi, Lori. Lynn talks about you often. Specifically the time you guys had a little “write fest” up in Sedona. I know she respects and admires you a ton!

  2. Well, I talk about my hubby all the time….so I think I’ll talk about my kids today. They are all special in their own way. K1 is off at college and sometimes forgets to call, okay, always forgets to call, but when she’s home and we have a 3hr chat, I know she still loves us. K2 is probably my most inspiring muse. She’s witty, goofy and socially inept–Lynn will see a trend here. I love her because she’s probably the only one in the house with a mind that works like mine. And K3 well, he is his fathers son. What’s not to love about a boy that’s a cross between the baby brother I raised and the hubby that I love so much.

    Yeap, these are the special people in my life. There’s a few more, but you know who you are.

    • Awesome!!! I didn’t have any brothers and sisters growin’ up, but it sounds like it would have been fun to be around your interesting kids, Rachel!!

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