Quiet the noise #TheRunningWriter

Quiet the noise.


I love music. I have it on while I’m writing, while I’m running, while I’m driving…it’s on a lot. Same with movies. I have them playing in the background at home a lot.

But sometimes, I like it just quiet. A friend of mine once said that she liked it quiet enough to hear her fridge running. After she said that I noticed that sometimes I like it that quiet too.

My world gets pretty loud with work, author stuff, etc. But if things are constantly loud, how can I ever truly relax? And for me, I need quiet to look at my life and find my direction, to work through the noise that’s cluttering and dominating my thoughts.

Quiet helps me organize my chaotic thoughts and helps me rein in the voices in my head. My characters tend to whisper story ideas to me, not literally, but you know what I mean.

If I don’t ever quiet the external noise down, I feel chaotic—and that’s just plain tiring.

How ‘bout you guys? Is it time for you to quiet the noise for a spell?

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