If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. -Bruce Lee


There is definitely a call to think things through. Impulsivity isn’t what I’m throwing at you here. But there is a time when you’ve got to stop thinking and do. Sure, doing is very scary.

I can totally relate. Even today, after having written 40+ novels, I still get nervous sending my agent a new book, or a new idea for a book.

Is it a good enough concept?

Will she like the characters?

Is the writing good enough?

What if…..

You get the idea.

But sooner or later, I need to stop thinking and do it!

And yeah, she doesn’t go for every story idea I have. That’s ok. I’m glad she’s honest about things. Sure, it kinda hurts that she turns away one of my babies, but it’s onto the next. God keeps giving me story ideas, so I will continue to write them. 

Stay strong, my friends. 

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