Have you ever taken a road trip, just for the heck of it?  Do you like to hop in the car and just take off for a couple days? Breeze tangling your hair, music pouring out the open windows…

I’m usually not like that, I can’t stand the hair whipping me in the eyeballs…It kinda hurts, actually.  

This past weekend I got to hang with one of my best friends in the world, Michele. We hopped into her car and drove a couple hours down to Tucson, AZ. One of Michele’s good friends was getting married and Michele’s husband couldn’t go with her to the wedding. So, she and I packed up her mini-van and headed down there together.  

We chomped on Hot Tamales and Mike -n- Ike’s while listening to music, talking about everything under the sun, and just chilling with each other.  It was awesome.  After a few missed turns and Sally the GPS recalculating routes…we we made it to the Zoo.

Yep, I said the Zoo. Her friend got married by a justice of the peace outside the Zoo.  Sure, I didn’t really know Michele’s friend or the groom, but that still didn’t stop the tears stinging at my eyes. Weddings just move me. The thought of finding your soul mate, agreeing to spend the rest of your lives with someone…it’s just such an awesome experience to witness. 

After the wedding and a nice Italian dinner, we packed up the van to drive home. I learned a lot about my good friend, Michele, that I hadn’t known before. A road trip will do that and I’m glad. It was so much fun.

So, what’s the last fun road trip you’ve taken?

4 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP

  1. My last road trip was when I drove down to KY from Philly with my mom, grandmom, and son to visit the Creation Museum. My mom ended up being sick the drive down, so I did most of the driving. We drove all day Friday, visited the Museum on Saturday, then drove all the way back on Sunday.

    That’s alot of car time, especially for someone who drives for a living, but it was worth it.

  2. I learned quite a bit about you as well – like you would rather have blue smoke come out your backside than have green goo ooze out your pores! Yes, vital information is shared during roadtrips!

  3. I like road tripping alone. I stumble over awkward silences in conversation, and I like to turn the music up loud.

    On Friday nights for the last two weeks, I’ve been taking the company video camera out to area football games and finding feature stories for our Web site.

    I love meeting new people and taking in the small-town atmosphere.

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