Well, I’m happy to say the family made it off Mount Rainier safely. I posted last week about how my father and his wife were off to Washington to climb Mount Rainier and how I was a little nervous.  

It turns out that the hike up the mountain went well and my Dad says it was the best experience he’s ever had climbing. And that says a lot, he’s climbed many mountains.  

Now, what I left off of my initial post, which was the basis for most of my worry and fear, was the fact that my dad recently had a friend die while climbing.  His name was Vince and he was in his late forties, had two kids, and was a pastor of a church in Denver, CO. 

They became friends after meeting on Mount Kilimanjaro a handful of years back. Whenever my Dad was visiting Colorado he would get together or at least talk to him on the phone. Well, a few weeks ago, my dad was up in Colorado hiking pikes peak in preparation for Rainier. He couldn’t see Vince because he was getting on a plane to go climb Mount Blanc in France. 

My dad had already climbed Mount Blanc so they talked on the phone about it and wished each other well. Just a few days later, my dad learned that there was a lightning storm on top of the mountain which led to Vince falling off the mountain, along with his hiking partner. 

Now, Vince died doing something he loved, yes, but he left behind two kids, a wife, and a church. He knew Jesus, so he is with Him and now knows no pain. It’s just hard for those left behind.

So, I’m thankful Dad’s back and I hope to share some photos soon.

**Have a blessed day everyone**


  1. Wow. That’s incredibly sad. I’m glad to hear your Dad made it back.

    When you’re talking about mountain climbing, you’re talking about the rigging and everything — aren’t you? I’m just a big chicken!

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