Romance Rocks

Okay, it’s not mystery, I love romance.

Heck, look to the left under Me and My Writing and you’ll see a bunch of back cover blurbs of all the novels I’ve written about it.

I love my romance stories, whether I’m reading them or writing them, to have a supernatural kick. But every once in a while, I run into one that’s kinda cute, despite the fact that it’s not a paranormal romance.

A while back, I read this book, Menu for Romance. It was a cute read. Made me smile.

I got to thinking–I haven’t had a contest on the blog for a while . . .

So, here’s an easy way to win this novel, Menu for Romance. Just leave a comment on this post.

Yep, that easy.

I’ll pick a winner and announce it on Saturday, so be sure to check back and see if you win.


Rules–I know, there’s always rules, right?–One entry per person. Winner must reside in the continental US.

11 thoughts on “Romance Rocks

  1. Cracks me up how spouses know you’ve just finished a romance novel. There must be a certain look I give that clue’s him in because I don’t say anything and the response is: you’ve finished another one haven’t you. How do you do that?

  2. Happy Wednesday Lynn! I like these four day work weeks. Thanks for the contest. There’s nothing like a good romance – real life or on paper! 🙂

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