Saturday was a fantastic trip to beautiful Sedona, AZ. Have you ever been there? Ever heard of it? Well, let me tell you…I’ve been up there many times because my dad lives there. Each time I go, I’m awed by it’s beauty. I wish I could bring my little laptop up on one of those rocks and just sit for hours, writing.  It’s so inspirational.

However, yesterday’s trip was for a bike ride. My dad, sweet Hubby, and I went on a 48 mile ride. One thing Sedona has is HILLS.  Yikes. We were screaming down a hill at 35 mph then were met with another hill and slowed to 6 and 7 miles an hour. Talk about insane.But I still managed to capture some of the beauty.

This is the view from my dad's hosue

This is the view from my dad's house

Another view from Dad's house

Another view from Dad's house

It's just wrong to smile that big after 48 miles of hills. **wink wink**

It's just wrong to smile THAT big after 48 miles of Hills **wink wink**

Dad was kinda tired

Dad was kinda tired

What a great day yesterday!  Started out cold, but warmed up nicely. What did you guys do yesterday?  Anything fun?

3 thoughts on “SEDONA

  1. I know. Doesn’t he just tick you off smiling like that after the torture of HILLS and 48 miles. GRRRR. But he’s got a nice smile, I must admit. LOL

    Sedona was a hoot, Avily. But I bet you had fun with the b-day parties too! 🙂

  2. Smiling after 48 miles? He doesn’t even look winded. Oh my gosh.

    It looks absolutely beautiful (and warm) there. It’s quite the difference from the haze of winter that has set in here in Nebraska. I wouldn’t give up Nebraska for anything, but I’d trade you some Sedona time. 😉

  3. I love Sedona! Although I’ve never tried to bike it… not something on my to-do list this week… 🙂

    This weekend we had my son’s 3rd b-day party… fun but made for an exhausting weekend what with all the family and everyone over and the clean-up and everything else involved in a kid’s party.

    I also had a lunch at church and a friend’s party, so it was good and full.

    Now back to writing!

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