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ReleasePartyFBPartyThis awesome boxed set of YA/NA novels is coming June 2nd, 2015.  ***BUT*** if you want to for sure get it for $0.99, you need to head over to Amazon and pre-order it right now.

Prices can change  come release day, so CLICK HERE for a direct link to Dirty Boys of Summer on Amazon. Plus, if you pre-order it you’ll earn extra entries on our massive giveaway we have going on right now (the giveaway is below & we’re adding prizes randomly, so keep checking back!)

**AND there’s more!**

Facebook Party! CLICK HERE to RSVP for the Facebook Party on June 2nd. It’s going to be epic. There’s even an entry on the giveaway just for you if you RSVP for the party!

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Happy Reading!

Dirty Boys of Summer

SIXTEEN Full-Length Novels!
Only $0.99


I’m excited that my book, FROSTBITE has been included in this Dirty Boys of Summer boxed set.

They’re going to need a little frost in there to cool things down!!

The official release date is June 2nd, 2015, and it’s only available until July 5th, 2015.

Authors / Books Involved:

C.L. Stone: Liar: The Scarab Beetle Series
Lynn Rush: Frostbite
Krista & Becca Ritchie: Kiss the Sky
Julie Prestsater: Before Someday – Part One: The Wait
Dawn Rae Miller: Crushed
Tamara Mataya: The Sowing
Rachel Higginson: Bet on Us
Jen Fredrick: Unspoken
Julie Cross: Letters to Nowhere
Carey CorpC: The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian
Marisa Cleveland: Accidental Butterfly
Opal Carew: Taken by Storm
Jamie Blair: Lost to Me
Avery Aster: Love, Lex (Undergrad Years)
Evangeline Anderson: The Academy
Gennifer Albin: Teaching Roman

Pre-order it today for only $0.99!!

Happy reading, my friends!



Absolute Zero is HERE!

I’m so excited Mandy’s next story is live. Absolute Zero is the second book in the Touch of Frost trilogy and officially releases Wednesday May 21st. But it went live on Amazon a few days early… 🙂

Things heat up –and frost over– in this next installment when a new, and completely tempting, face enters the scene.

Absolute Zero is $0.99 for a limited time during release exclusively on Amazon, so come check it out!

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Absolute Zero Cover FINALDeath may be the only way I can live..

The Center is destroyed. Mandy and Georgia have their own place near campus and are ready to start their new lives as college students. All that’s missing is Mandy’s steamy relationship with Zach. His sudden distance and irritability has Mandy wondering…and possibly wandering.

Nate Ashcroft, a beautiful, but mysterious, guy literally falls into Mandy’s life, shattering her already unstable relationship with Zach. When an unknown agency sets its targets on Mandy and Georgia, ugly truths of Mandy’s powers, her parents’ deaths and the people she’s chosen to trust send her life into a tailspin.

One only her death can stop.


You can find the first book, FROSTBITE, over at Amazon as well. Click HERE to check it out.


I’m celebrating this new release with my dear friend KRISTIE COOK. The next book in her Phoenix series is out, THE SPACE BEYOND. Be sure to check that one out, too! We’ve joined together to offer a super fun prize.  KINDLE FIRE! And some serious partying over at Facebook these next three days! 
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Have you caught the Rush?

Happy New Year.

2013 is promising to be a very exciting year with a few new releases. And what better way to start off the new year than with a sale?

Merus in the Making_LynnRush


Tainted, book 3 in the Wasteland Trilogy, releases in a couple of weeks, and to celebrate, my publisher reduced the prices of ALL MY NOVELS!

So you can Catch the Rush™ for the price of a coffee from your favorite coffee shop!

And to sweeten the deal, if you email your purchase link for ANY Lynn Rush book purchased between December 31st, 2012 and January 15th, 2013, we’ll send you a copy of the never before released short story, Merus in the Making.

It’s the story of how Jess became the all powerful MERUS in the Wasteland Trilogy.

If you’ve already got your copy of my books, this deal includes gifts! If you buy someone a copy of any of my novels through any of the digital marketplaces you’re eligible. 

Email your proof of purchase to: Publicist {at}!

A portion of all proceeds from all of my books is donated to the American Cancer Society.