A white feather sitting on top of a brown ground.

There are no words to describe how excited I am for EXILED.

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Salvation comes with a price

Fresh off a 250 year sensory deprivation punishment for failing to collect his last soul, half-demon, David Sadler, can’t fail his next assignment.

As David learns more about who-and what-his target is, he realizes she may be the key to freeing him from the blood contract binding him to the devil’s right hand man.

The only obstacle-the angelic Guardian, Rebeka Abbott, protecting his target. He must not give in to their steamy chemistry, or he will turn full demon.

But after a quarter millennia in darkness, David may not be able to resist temptation long enough to save what’s left of his human soul.

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Happy reading, my friends!

NYT & USA Today Bestseller & ultra-runner known as #TheRunningWriter. Agents: Joyce Sweeney & Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency.