#Awaited Made a List…

Yay!!  Come check it out. Awaited made the Good Books To Read in 2012 list over at Goodreads. HOW FUN!!!  

CLICK HERE to come vote. 

And if you’ve read Awaited, please leave a review that’d be so helpful. I have a few more to get to the Amazon magic number of 50!  

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So, what books are you reading? Any fun ones with kick ass heroines? Those are my FAVE!  


Your Cover Here….

Know any artists?

If you do, be sure to point them HERE!

Yep, we’ve launched a global Cover Art Competition for the first book in my Violet Night Trilogy!

So, when you click HERE and head over to Goodreads, you’ll see the “coming soon” cover there….One lucky artist might have his/her cover design there before too long.

Check it out, even MSNBC picked up the press release:  CLICK HERE

So spread the word.


In AWAITED news….

Have you entered the Goodreads Giveaway yet? CLICK HERE to enter. We’re giving away THREE signed copies!

So tell me…

What’s new in your world? 

Book of the Month!

Have you all heard of Goodreads yet?

It’s a fantastic place to talk books. You’ll find book clubs, reviews, chats, Q&As with your fave authors…

Tons of stuff. It’s super fun.


This month, WASTELAND is Paranormal Book Club’s book of the month!

So, CLICK HERE to join the fun!

For real. We’ll be chatting up all things Wasteland, demons, angels….and whatever strikes your fancy.

Hope to see you over there.

Happy FRIDAY, everyone! Any big plans for the weekend?









Thanks for participating in the Four Word Interview & Giveaway! Contact me (lynnrush @ cox.net) and we’ll get things arranged.


If you missed the post, go check it out, because all the proceeds from the book sales go to St. Jude! Check it out HERE




How’s your weekend going so far? Relaxing? Checking out any good sunsets (check out yesterday’s post)? I have to work…then again, I work in a bookstore, so I can’t really call it work, work. You know?


Have a super day.