• God’s Fingerprint…

    My BFF, Michele, took this picture. It’s the view she was greeted with after church this past weekend. WOW!! We thought for sure the sky would open up and dump buckets of rain on us, but it didn’t. Sure was a beautiful sight, though. How was your weekend? Did you venture out to see any movies? Read any good books?

  • Sunsets

    I know I haven’t posted a sunrise or sunset picture in a long while. There’s been a rash of controversy over posting pictures from Google Images. I’ve even started removing some of mine just to be safe. So….I’ll have to share from MY OWN collection. I’m blessed to live in an area surrounded by little foothills, so I get magnificent views on a regular basis. This one is the setting sun at the end of my street!! Gosh those just make me let out a contented sigh. Hope you’ve found some time this weekend to sit down and relax, maybe even take in a sunrise or sunset.

  • A Storm’s Coming…

    I got these pictures from a friend of mine at work. It’s of an oncoming Haboob. I guess that’s what they call Dust Storms here in Arizona—I know, it’s a funny name, but WOW!!!!! Check these out. This first one is from the top of the hill at our church (where I work). WOW! ┬áThat is just ominous looking, isn’t it?   ~~~~ The storm came and went, nothing too major as far as damage around our neck of the woods…thankfully! Have a super DAY, my friends!

  • Fallen Angels

    Look what I found surfing around the internet the other day: ***UPDATE: Picture Removed. There’s been a lot of uproar about using pictures from Google Images on blogs, so, I’m removing them from my blog posts to be safe. Sorry. I just loved sharing all the pictures I find out on the web, but that’s just how it goes, I guess. Thanks!***   I love all the shadows and that you can’t actually see the person. Leaves a lot to the imagination, doesn’t it? Gets the mind churning on story ideas, that’s for sure! Have a super day!

  • Escaping Angel…

    I found another beauty: Wow. I was surfing around and stumbled across this on Google Images. Check out those claws reaching for her. It even has a little bit of a sunrise/sunset (not sure which) going on there. So that makes it even better!! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!