A Storm’s Coming…

I got these pictures from a friend of mine at work. It’s of an oncoming Haboob. I guess that’s what they call Dust Storms here in Arizona—I know, it’s a funny name, but WOW!!!!!

Check these out.

This first one is from the top of the hill at our church (where I work). WOW!  That is just ominous looking, isn’t it?



The storm came and went, nothing too major as far as damage around our neck of the woods…thankfully!

Have a super DAY, my friends!

9 thoughts on “A Storm’s Coming…

  1. Awesome pictures, Lynn. Thanks to you and your friend for sharing. How I wish they were effects from a film and that you guys didn’t have to live through those crazy events. Very scary.


  2. I live in NY where we are known for snow. It is not sandy at all so to see a storm like that is amazing. I am glad you did not have any damage. Have a great weekend—Rachel

    1. OH yes. Snow. I’m from MN so I remember the snow…I’d rather have dust storms. LOL!!!! 🙂 You have a great weekend as well, Rachel!

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