Take a look behind you

Me & my mother-in-law, Lynn December 2011

Normally I do “This Writer’s Journey” on Fridays, but today, I had to post something my sweet Mother-in-Law wrote back in 1988. Today marks one week since she was laid to rest. She went home to Jesus Monday October 24th and we said our final goodbyes on Friday October 28th.

RG, Lynn and Lynn September 2011

During that funeral service, I took the podium and read a poem she’d written. The family found it while looking through old photographs.

Those of you who may be new to the blog and don’t know my deep connection with my mother-in-law, her name is LYNN.  Yep, same as mine because I took that as my pen name to honor her. She was one of my biggest cheerleaders. She read the first thing I ever wrote before I even knew I’d try and start writing for publication.

So, here is her poem:

Take a Look Behind You

Take a look behind you, someone’s hurting there.

Maybe you can reach out, show them that you care.

You question what your role is, what you could ever do.

You say, “Someone should help them”, could that someone be you?


The person there behind you needs Jesus, that you know.

To share the love and grace He did was His command, and so—

If you would like to reach out but wonder if you can,

God’s working all around you; just join Him in His plan.


The one that’s there behind you may be a struggling soul,

Who comes to church and plays the game but doctrine takes its toll.

To this one no one mentioned how real are love and grace.

A load of guilt from past mistakes is present in its place.


And not so far behind you, there’s an aging person there.

Who has a lot of wisdom and experience to share.

But visitors at their front door they very seldom see.

Alone they sit with memories of how it used to be.


Perhaps the one behind you is a lonely woman who

Feels no appreciation for the things that she must do.

She cares for children, cooks and cleans and does the tasks at home.

She has no one to talk to and feels so all alone.


The one behind you, too, may be the anxious businessman

Who bears financial burdens and works as best he can.

He seems in charge, he’s strong and tough, this all by outward show.

While inside he’s a frightened boy, but he’ll let no one know.


And look right there behind you, you’ll see a busy teen

Who’s privacy and family times are few and far between.

From peer there’s often pressure that tempts and leads astray.

She knows the right thing from the wrong, but still goes her own way.


There’s near enough behind you the ones who live in sin.

They try by their own efforts, but just can’t seem to win

They know deep down inside them, they are not living right.

The grasp of sin is all too strong and holds with all its might.


Jesus seeks to save all these; He wants to ease their pain.

That’s why He died upon the cross, exactly why He came.

So do you ever wonder where the hurting are?

Just take a look behind you; you needn’t look so far.


Lynn Boeyink, 1988


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