heart1Our week of love continues with THEN AND NOW Thursdays.

As you can imagine, I had to check into the candy hearts.

Remember those chalky little things? We’d get them in their small, pink boxes that had a see through front in the shape of a heart?


candy-hearts-thenRemember those cute little sayings. “Be Mine” or “Kiss Me?”  Did you get them with a little cartoon card messily signed by some secret valentine?

And, don’t forget those little boxes we had to make in gradeschool then go around and put the cards in….Oh my goodness.

The sayings on those little candies were so sweet and innocent back then, right? never looked into them much.


candyheartfeat2009But now. With all the technology we have, we can customize what we want to put on them.

Some of the sweet sayings have changed with the times.


“Tres Chic”

Or anything you want them to say.

I bet they still taste the same, though. But I’ll always remember childhood when I chomp on those candy hearts


What was Valentine’s Day like when you were young?


4 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW THURSDAY–week of love

  1. I remember those! Every February! Does anyone LIKE candy hearts? I think they taste like chalk with sugar. However I would love to receive a love letter written in them — But, when I start dating, you all tell him I’d rather have silver, leather and denim. . .can’t have chocolate, I’m on a diet – so silver, leather and denim.
    Great posts, Lynn. Great theme!

  2. Rosslyn–OMG, I can totally relate to the “crush of the month.” Ahhh, the memories.

    Kat–Yes, I remember you mentioning something about that story. I’m gonna go check that out.

  3. It’s funny you should bring up candy hearts. Last week, my editor assigned to me the task of writing a love letter using only candy hearts. I was supposed to make an attempt, and then write a story about whether or not it could be done.

    The story ran on Valentine’s Day. Here’s a link in case you’re interested in reading it:

    My memories of Valentines Day revolve around squishing the candies inside the box of chocolates. IF you squeezed them hard enough, the bottom would crack and you could get a good look at what was inside for filling.

    Heaven knows the last thing I wanted was a piece with coconut in it. 🙂

  4. I was never really bowled over by Valentine’s Day, though in high school I always hoped that the holiday would inspire my crush-of-the-month to throw himself at my feet, remove the long-stemmed rose from between his teeth, and confess his love for me. It never happened. 🙂

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