#TheRunningWriter QOTD

What’s today going to tell you?


You plan and plan, and then….bam, nothing goes as you expected.

Ever experience that?

I’ve been training and training for a 35k run this coming weekend. Super excited for it because I’m still working on raising money for St. Jude on my path to running the Boston Marathon in April. This was one of those events on that path.

Then one day, early last week, I get a little feeling in my throat. “Oh it’s just allergies.”

Well, a week passes and it ends up being much more. A doctor visit later, I’m walking out of CVS with a handful of treatments for slight pneumonia and awaiting results of a Valley Fever test.

Yeah, so not expecting that. Didn’t want it. It ruined all my carefully laid out plans. And I’m actually quite saddened by it.

But you know what, it’s ok. I get to learn a few things. Patience, because I’m not healing as fast as I’d like. Rest, because I move around much without having some coughing fits-so I can’t do anything other than lie around. Trust, because I have to give most of my day-to-day responsibilities of my day job to fellow staff and volunteers, which also works to smooth out my control issues.

So, no matter what your day brings, planned or not, see what it’s telling you, what you can learn from it.

Sure, I feel the sadness and frustration of things going off my intended course, and that’s ok. But I really try to focus on what I can learn from it, too. Then it stings less and hopefully I’m a little better off for it.

So, what’s today going to tell you?

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