#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Find peace in imperfection.


Life isn’t perfect. The sooner we realize that the more at peace we’ll be.

Every day won’t be amazing. Our body will ache sometimes. We will get depressed. People will wrong us, hurt us.

But that’s OK. People aren’t perfect. You aren’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect.

If we understand and accept that, it won’t hurt so much when difficult things come our way.

I’m not saying to expect it all the time. No way. That’ll suck the life right out of you. But we’ll be prepared, ready to conquer, and not so knocked off our feet.

It’s just like when I’m running the trails, and I hit a rocky area. I widen my stance to stay stable in case some rocks slide. I don’t need my feet slipping out from beneath me. Landing on rocks—not so fun.

But at least I am prepared, yet I’m still enjoying the beautiful run.

So, stay wide. My friends.

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