#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Pick a new best friend.


It’s interesting how we can push things off to tomorrow. “Yeah I’ll do that later.” Or “I’ll call her tomorrow.”

I say and think that stuff all the time. Soon things pile up and I’m scrambling to get tasks done. Calls made. Errands completed. And that all equates to stress.

Headaches, crabbiness, and all around irritability are all that happens when me and stress are best friends.

I don’t know about you, but I have way better friends to hang out with than stress.

So what can I do about it?

Pick the ONE thing. When I look at my list of To-Do items and it’s got twenty items on it, pick ONE to complete.

I don’t have to complete my entire list at that very second. One at a time is less overwhelming.

You might have to lose twenty pounds to get heart healthy or help manage your diabetes, but that large of a number might feel overwhelming.

Just focus on one pound and tell yourself you only have to lose one pound right now. Just one.

When I ran a 50-mile race, I didn’t think about all 50 while I was running. I focused on that next mile. And that one only.

Once I got that mile done, I looked at the next mile. Just chipped away at the 50. It actually turned into 52 (the course was long by mistake.) had I known that, it might have freaked me out. But taking it one at a time saved me.

I know you can handle one thing. You are strong. You can do it.

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