#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Enjoy the calm.


I talk a lot about being thankful for anything thrown at me. But I mostly say that in response to tough times. Problematic or challenging times.

But what about when life is calm? I actually tend to take those times for granted. It’s no wonder growth comes during times of stress, because it’s then we seek out ways to find peace. Ways to navigate the stormy waters.

I’m here to remind you—and myself—that we should continue to give thanks when all is calm. I need to be thankful in my times of rest. Enjoy them to the fullest because a little storm can come up whenever.

Not that I should always be expecting the worst. To taint the calm times with the fear of what’s to come is no way to live either.

But I think we all know that challenging circumstances can and will happen throughout our lives.

But in the mean time, while we can, let’s stay thankful and enjoy the calm.

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