This is for you, Penny

We’re getting closer to the big race. Just over a couple of weeks, so it’s “taper-time.” This is the period of training that’s pretty difficult for me. It’s where I have to back off on the miles I’m logging. Rest up a little, while still doing some running, so I’m fresh and ready to bang out twenty-six miles.

26.2 miles for YOU!

This post is for my Mum. Technically she’s my step-mom, but she’s from England, so I like to say Mum. It’s just fun.

She’s ran twenty marathons in her life. Climbed quite a few mountains, too. Kind of an adventurer, like my dad. So, when Penny experienced some strange pain after a short race, they checked it out and found a four-inch tumor in her spine. Surgery rendered her wheelchair/walker-bound.

All through chemo and radiation, she worked with her physical therapists to get her mobility back. It was amazing to see her progress each step. Wheelchair to walker. Arm crutches. Canes. And of course hiking poles. She said those just worked better. But I know it’s because she was keeping her goal in sight…climbing mountains.

I’m happy to say she’s kicking cancer’s butt. Bigtime.

She walk/jogged the VERY race she discovered the odd “pain” in her back this past May 2013. And very recently, she climbed one of the trails she loves in Sedona, AZ.

I tell ya, Mum is one tough chick. And through everything, sickness, pain, baldness, she held on to the one thing that gives her the most strength. Her faith in Jesus. Always seeking out his purpose in all of this.

So, Penny (Mum) this 26.2 miles are for you!

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Thanks for your support.

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